Wednesday, September 12, 2012

5 minute Loving Kindness Meditation for children and other Links

  • Here is a series of Blog Posts about the Mind Up Curriculum, which I use and love...

  • More evidence suggesting that are brains are pre-wired for language

  • Great advice on how to start a loving kindness meditation with your children... loving kindness meditations have shown to increase people's ability to experience positive emotions and we all know the benefits of Positive Psychology

  • Here is an interesting research study involving implicit and explicit theory of mind... it purports that implicit theory of mind is observed in children as young as 7 months old but is partly impacted by executive processing...

  • Brain scans appear to suggest separable parts of the brain are impacted by puberty (hormones) and age with regards to activity within the social network of the brain.


  1. Dream Stream Singalong Meditation For Children

    1. Thanks for the link. This is a great sing-a-long for younger Elementary students!