Tuesday, April 16, 2013

3 Essential Facts About your Feelings

Here is a great short video I found that focuses on three essential facts about feelings and emotions. It is from the great website Six Seconds , which " is the first and largest organization supporting EQ development globally. Businesses, schools, consultants, and individuals use our scientifically rigorous tools and solutions to create positive change." EQ is short for Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence. The three facts it stresses are:

1. Feelings and emotions are messages

2. All emotions are valuable

3. Emotions are part of our bodies.

I believe that Emotional Intelligence or EQ is something that needs to be taught directly and reinforced throughout our society. It needs to be integrated as part of a comprehensive Social Emotional Learning curriculum in schools (SEL) as well as part of a Positive Culture in Businesses.  Short informational videos such as these help us better understand our emotions and the actions of others.  Through this understanding we can work more efficiently in the work place and help to prevent the cognitive dissonance and alienation that many individuals feel in our increasingly insular society.