Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Even short amounts of Mindfulness are effective...

Part of what makes Mindful meditation so interesting is the Neuropsychological impact it has on the brain. Our brain has the uncanny ability to form new connections and strengthen grey matter through Neuroplasticity. Through this process we are able learn new languages, recover from accidents and overcome mild psychological disorders. A recent study suggested that experienced meditators who have been practicing anywhere between 4 and 46 years exhibited increased grey matter in areas associated with increased attention and focus, working memory and impulse control.

 WOW this sounds great, in about 4 years we can see increase in grey matter. I barely have time stop at Chik Fil-A for dinner and you are telling me that I have to spend four years being mindful before I can see results? Luckily new research  from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that the positive neurological effects of Mindful Meditation can be seen in just two weeks. The Chinese study from Dalian University of Technology randomly assigned participants to "30 minutes of either integrative body-mind training or relaxation training over a two-week period. The training totaled five hours for each group." This is encouraging news for implementing mindful meditation training within systems that are usually "strapped" for time, e.g. schools.

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