Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kids develop app to fight bullying

Since bullying appears to be a theme today, I wanted to comment on a growing number of apps popping up that focus on children anonymously reporting incidences of bullying. One such app,  created by students in a Connecticut High School lets victims (or witnesses) report the time and place of bullying without having to give their names (names are optional). What is great about this particular app is that all reports are put into a data base where administrators are able to study it and intervene. This system would seamlessly align with Positive Behavior Support programs in schools, which attempt to gather data for informed decision making. Such data can then be used to monitor response to school wide initiatives. Apps, such as the one in Connecticut, not only help to foster a positive school climate, they also give children a voice and sense of efficacy that is often ripped away from them when they are bullied or witness such acts.

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